harlan teklad官网动物饲料 维生素调整饮食 TD.86143维生素A缺乏饮食

harlan teklad官网动物饲料 维生素调整饮食 TD.86143维生素A缺乏饮食




Vitamin adjusted diets | Envigo

A few vitamin adjusted formulas are shown below. Please contact us for additional formulas of this nature or for more information about altering the vitamin profile of a diet, and please read below to learn more.
Formula Examples:

  • TD.86143      Vitamin A deficient diet
  • TD.89123      Vitamin D deficient diet
  • TD.88163      Vitamin E deficient diet
  • TD.95247      Folic acid deficient diet

Most vitamin deficient diets use vitamin-free test casein (VFT casein) as the protein source. VFT casein is casein that has been extracted with denatured alcohol to reduce the fat content from about 1% to 0.1%. In the process the content of a number of vitamins (present at low or trace levels in casein) is further reduced, making this an ideal protein source for these types of diets. Envigo produces our own VFT in-house, and we also offer this as an ingredient for those mixing their own diets.
From this vitamin deficient base, various levels of vitamins can be added back. Many formulas adjust multiple vitamins, and other nutrients.
If use of an intact protein source is not advisable, an amino acid defined diet can be used.
Contact us for other formula examples or to discuss your specific needs.