harlan teklad官网动物饲料代理商 基础饲料 TD.00235基础配料 TD.88232基础混合

harlan teklad官网动物饲料代理商 基础饲料 TD.00235基础配料 TD.88232基础混合

  • TD.00235基础配料(93%);无脂肪Aln-93g
  • TD.88232基础混合(不含20%油)


  • 将脂肪源的全部或一部分排除在外。最终用户可以添加各种脂肪,并从一个基础混合物中进行多种饮食。
  • 根据需要为不稳定、危险或有限的供应成分制定新鲜饮食。
  • 在相同的基础组合中加入不同的维生素或矿物质混合物,以创造一系列维生素或矿物质调整饮食。

You may want to add some specific ingredients in your own facility. In that case, Envigo provides basal mixes that are, by design, a starting point for additional inclusions. When you choose a basal mix diet, you simply add any ingredient(s) in a specific proportion that your require. The nutrient levels in our basal mix are adjusted to account for the dilution of the added ingredient(s), so that the final complete diet contains the desired nutrient levels.

  • TD.00235      Basal mix (93%); AIN-93G without fat
  • TD.88232      Basal mix (without 20% Oil)

Here are some examples of how a basal mix could be helpful to you:

  • Leave all or a portion of the fat source out. The end user can add various fats and make multiple diets from one basal mix
  • Make fresh diet as needed for an unstable, hazardous, or limited supply ingredient
  • Add a different vitamin or mineral mix to the same basal mix to create a series of vitamin or mineral adjusted diets

If proper mixing equipment is available, and you have the capability to feed powder diet, basal mixes offer flexibility and economy.