harlan teklad官网 动物饲料 矿物调整饮食 TD.80396缺铁饮食 TD.85419缺锌饮食

harlan teklad官网 动物饲料 矿物调整饮食 TD.80396缺铁饮食 TD.85419缺锌饮食




Mineral adjusted diets | Envigo

A few mineral adjusted formulas are shown below. Please contact us for additional formulas of this nature or for more information about altering the mineral profile of a diet. Read below for more information.
Formula examples:

  • TD.80396      Iron deficient diet
  • TD.85419      Zinc deficient diet
  • TD.88239      Potassium deficient diet
  • TD.95027      Low calcium diet (0.4% P)
  • TD.96348      Diet (20% lactose, 2% Ca, 1.25% P)
  • TD.92163      Selenium deficient diet
  • TD.95125      Iodine deficient (0.15% PTU)

Unique protein ingredients may be necessary to minimize background levels of certain minerals. Other steps taken to minimize background mineral contamination include the use of reagent grade minerals when necessary or omission of certain ingredients. Specialized mineral premixes may be used in these diets, or minerals are added individually to the diet in order to control the level of specific minerals.
With the exception of sodium, it is necessary to use refined ingredients to achieve the lowest possible levels of minerals in a diet.
From this mineral deficient base, various levels of minerals can be added back. Some formulas adjust multiple minerals, and other related nutrients.
Contact us to discuss other possibilities for the minerals listed above, and for those minerals not listed here.